Location: 245 Park Ave South, New York, NY 10003
Phone: (212) 475-9377

Recently SUSHISAMBA announced it’s offering a gluten free menu. Of course yours truly was ecstatic to hear of this and had to investigate!

My last experience at SUSHISAMBA Park was good but nothing to write home about. For one, they didn’t have gluten free soy sauce and the spicy mayo was off limits. So as you can imagine, dry sushi wasn’t very satisfying. However on this trip to SUSHISAMBA Park I am very happy to say they not only offer gluten free soy sauce but a completely separate menu dedicated to all gluten free items (score!).

Gluten Free Meal

Edamame $6.00
soybean, sea salt, lime

I think we all know what edamame looks and tastes like so I am not going to bore you with the details. But I will say that I LOVE the addition of fresh lime! I now always dress my edamame with fresh lime, thanks SUSHISAMBA.

Tuna Tataki $15.00
white asparagus, fresh heart of palm, avocado, tatsoi, tamari soy

I was pleasantly surprised by this appetizer mainly because of the unexpected flavorful punch it had. The tuna was really fresh and cooked just right. I really loved tatsoi (first time I’ve had it) which provided the flavor note that made this dish stand out from other tuna tataki dishes I’ve had. I am also a big fan of tamari soy versus traditional soy sauce (it’s thicker, richer and less salty) which I think helped make this dish great.



Apologies for not having a better picture!

Sea Bass Anticuchos $16.00
miso and Peruvian corn

Honestly, this dish is amazing. Sea bass has a mild and delicious taste when cooked perfectly, which it was in this case. If you like fish but haven’t ever had sea bass, please, do yourself a favor and get this dish. I promise you won’t regret it. The miso sauce is seriously addicting and makes my mouth water just thinking about it. The Peruvian corn, is alright but I could go without. The taste and texture of the corn doesn’t do anything for me.



California Sushi Roll $12.00

I really appreciate the chunks of real crab in this. Pretty straightforward dish for anyone whose had a California roll.

Fun Fact: SUSHISAMBA is constantly looking to create new, inventive dishes for people with diet restrictions. Most recently they launched seasonal, gluten free, vegan Peach Tiradito (coconut-lime sorbet, white peach tuile, five spice) across all of its locations. In addition, it also launched, Quinoa Chaufa, a side dish that pairs well with a gluten free robata protein for a well-rounded meal. Also, make sure to ask about the gluten free specials!

Very Important! If you’re like me and have Celiac Disease or even gluten intolerant, stay away from any fried items on the gluten free menu (i.e the squid appetizer). Unfortunately, SUSHISAMBA only has one fryer in the kitchen so there will be cross contamination. Don’t let this frighten you though. Most of the items on the gluten free menu are naturally gluten free or have been adjusted to accommodate gluten-free guests. So don’t be shy and have at it next time you’re eating at SUSHISAMBA!

To check out the full gluten free menu click here.

Till we eat again…

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