Cafe D’Alsace

Location: 1695 2nd Avenue, New York, NY 10128
Phone: 212-722-5133

Cafe D’Alsace reminds me of the cafe in Paris where Carrie Bradshaw is eating her Parisian pastries and smoking a cigarette, blissfully enjoying the moment. Just like this scene from Sex and the City, Cafe D’Alsace brings me back to the time I spent in Paris.

I’ve ate here quite a few times over the past couple of months for lunch, dinner and brunch. The menu for all three is basically the same with very few differences.

Gluten Free Brunch

Cafe Mocha $5

Cafe D'Alsace Cafe Mocha

Cafe D’Alsace Cafe Mocha

Normally, I wouldn’t write about a drink but since this is so pretty and it tasted amazing I just had to quickly share with you!

Omelette Maison $14
herbed goat cheese, spinach, roasted tomatoes, with roasted potatoes and mixed greens

Cafe D'Alsace Gluten-Free Omelette Maison

Cafe D’Alsace Gluten-Free Omelette Maison

Love goat cheese? Then this is a must-have dish. It’s stuffed with luscious herbed goat cheese that’s oh so good! The roasted tomatoes and spinach works well to balance the tanginess of the goat cheese. I prefer this omelette to be egg whites only. It’s a great dish for brunch because it packed full of flavor, healthy and leaves you feeling very satisfied but not overstuffed.

Gluten Free Dinner

Steak Frites $19
half pound grilled hanger steak, french fries with a red wine sauce

Cafe D'alsace Gluten-Free Steak Frites

If pictures could speak! This dish is truly the epitome of steak frites. Perfectly cooked to my liking of medium-rare, the steak was very tasty and quite a large portion (not that I’m complaining). The red wine sauce was so yummy that I made every effort to sop it up with my fries. I am very happy to report the fries are gluten-free! I asked for the fries to be cooked well and they definitely were. Nice and crunchy with a hint of salt. The side salad added a nice fresh, light component to the dish which made me feel a little less guilty for eating this dish almost every time I go.

Fun Fact: Cafe D’Alsace offers a huge selection of very unique craft beers. They have a beer sommelier on-site who hand selects each beer and even has a couple gluten-free beer options. I had the chance to chat with the one of the bartenders and they’ll soon have Omission beer, which is gluten-free, offered at the cafe.

Cafe D’Alsace is quickly becoming one of my favorite spots on the Upper East Side. The food is fantastic, the lively atmosphere is electrifying and the Parisian twist makes me just fall in love with this place. If you go for brunch I recommend going early to beat the crowd. Otherwsie, you’ll most likely wait a bit but I promise it’s worth it!

Till we eat again…

2 Comments on “Cafe D’Alsace”

  1. Mike says:

    Great write up! This is a great place to eat

  2. stephl9287 says:

    Thanks Mike! Next time you go I’d love to know how your experience is and what gluten-free food you try 🙂

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