Brooklyn Bowl

Location: 61 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11249
Phone: 1-718-963-3369

Growing up in the Berkshires in Massachusetts, the bowling alleys I went to consisted of wood paneled walls with a musty smell and featured fried chicken fingers, fries, and the iconic cherry and blue raspberry slurpees. And I always had a fun time! Today, Brooklyn Bowl is putting a spin on this cool pastime that’s putting my hometown bowling days to shame.

Located in the epicenter of trendy Williamsburg, Brooklyn Bowl is well-known for its laid-back atmosphere where you can listen to awesome live music while bowling with friends. A little less known, Brooklyn Bowl offers restaurant-quality food that features multiple gluten-free items: roasted adobo corn on the cob with queso fresco, chipotle butter & lime, Greek and wedge salads as well as blackened salmon.

Gluten-Free Meal

Blackened Atlantic Salmon $20
cole slaw & fresh herb mayo

Brooklyn Bowl’s blackened salmon was perfectly cooked and full of flavor. I loved the addition of herb mayo…seriously, who doesn’t love herb mayo? You can never go wrong adding it to a dish for an extra layer of flavor. I opted for the cole slaw instead of the red beans and rice that comes with the dish because I wanted to go for something more on the lighter side. Something to note, but not a con, even though the salmon is blackened it isn’t spicy.

Brooklyn Bowl Gluten Free Blackened Salmon

Brooklyn Bowl Gluten-Free Blackened Salmon


Verdict: Don’t let the bowling fool you, Brooklyn Bowl serves up some delicious gluten-free food which makes it GF Steph approved! I really appreciate how the gluten-free options are clearly labeled on the menu so you don’t have to bombard your server with a ton of questions on what can and can’t be gluten-free. Whether on a date or with a group of friends, Brooklyn Bowl is the perfect neighborhood spot for restaurant-quality food, tasty drinks and lively entertainment.

Till we eat again…