Davio’s: Gluten-Free Italian Steakhouse

Location: 447 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10017
Phone: (212) 661-4810

There’s only one thing to say when you’re invited to a gluten-free tasting at an Italian restaurant: what time should I be there?

Davio’s Restaurant recently hosted a gluten-free tasting to help promote the new gluten-free cookbook of writer and chef, Jax Peters Lowell. Unfortunately, I wasn’t unable to attend the event so Davio’s instead invited me to test out its gluten-free menu. From lunch to dinner, Davio’s has an extensive gluten-free menu that will please any craving.  Don’t let the below smaller portion sizes in the pictures scare you, instead of ordering just a couple things I did a tasting menu – making the portion sizes smaller so I could taste a wide-range of dishes.

My favorites from the tasting were the Fagioli Soup – I absolutely loved the creaminess and the addition of mascarpone, the Mushroom & Truffle Pasta*, and last but certainly not least…homemade gluten-free brioche *drooling*. Then there was the Seared Sea Scallops – from the crispy pork belly to the tender sea scallops, this dish was a flavor explosion in my mouth. Needless to say by the end of the meal I was in food coma bliss.

Gluten Free Meal

Fagioli Soup $12
gluten free pasta, pinto beans, mascarpone

Davio's Gluten Free Fagioli Soup

Davio’s Gluten Free Fagioli Soup

Frutti di Mare $17
shrimp, calamari, clams, mussels with a fresno chili sauce

Davio's Gluten Free Frutti de Mare

Davio’s Gluten Free Frutti de Mare

Bolognese $16/$28
gluten free spaghetti, braised veal, beef, pork in a tomato sauce

Davio's New York City Gluten Free Pasta

Davio’s New York City Gluten Free Pasta

Mushroom & Truffle Pasta $16/$28
gluten free pasta, organic mushrooms, basil white truffle oil

*In the New York City location, Davio’s does not offer gluten free gnocchi but hope to at some point. Chef Tourn made this for me once he heard I have never eaten gluten free gnocchi….what a guy!

Davio's New York City Gluten Free Pasta

Davio’s New York City Gluten Free Pasta

Seared Sea Scallops $39
pan seared sea scallops, charred onion, pork belly, red cabbage puree, pork brodo

Davio's New York City Gluten Free Scallops

Davio’s New York City Gluten Free Scallops

Panna Cotta

Davio's New York City Gluten Free Dessert

Davio’s New York City Gluten Free Dessert

Verdict: Offering extensive gluten-free menus featuring soups, salads, steak, fish and desserts for both lunch and dinner, Davio’s is definitely GF Steph approved! Price wise it’s definitely on the higher end which makes it perfect for a date night, to celebrate an anniversary, promotion, or any other special occasion.

Till we eat again…