DEZ: Casual New York City Middle Eastern Restaurant

Location: 227 MULBERRY STREET NEW YORK, NY 10012

If you’re like me, you love tapas – just enough food to experience the flavors of different dishes all while sharing them with friends. Is there anything else better?

Dez is one of the newest pop-up eateries in the city causing a lot of buzz for it’s come-as-you-are Middle Eastern fare. Located in NoLita (North of Little Italy for you non-New Yorkers), Dez is all about providing wholesome and delicious dishes where vegetables standout as the main attraction.

Even though the menu is a bit limited, they offer gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan dishes so there is something for everyone.

Fun Fact: Dez is actually short for “dessert”. No wonder why I love this place.

Click here to view the entire Dez menu.

Pictured below are my two favorites.

Roasted Carrots
Harissa and honey roasted carrots, labaneh, Dukkah and olive oil (gluten-free + vegetarian)

Dez - Gluten-Free Roasted Carrots

Dez – Gluten-Free Roasted Carrots


Seeds & Veg
Toasted seeds, tomato, Persian cucumbers, red onion, radish, red bell pepper, sheep’s milk feta, herbs, lemon and olive oil

Dez - Gluten-Free Middle Eastern Dishes

Dez – Gluten-Free Middle Eastern Dishes